North Carolina Divorce Packet


Divorce Packet

Divorce Packet

Divorce packet typically refer to a set of documents and forms required for filing for divorce. These packets often include legal forms, instructions, and information necessary for individuals to navigate the divorce process. The exact contents can vary based on jurisdiction, so it’s important to obtain the correct documents for your location.

If you’re considering divorce, consulting with a lawyer or checking your local court’s website for guidance on required paperwork is recommended. The guide will help you will all the divorce packets you’ll need for your divorce.

Things That Divorce Packets Can Be Used For

Only use this packet if:

1. At least the last six months have been spent in North Carolina by you or your spouse.

2. You’ve spent at least a year apart from your partner.

3. You have no interest in ever getting spousal maintenance or alimony, and you have no interest in having your husband split up your assets or obligations from the marriage.

Proceed with these forms at your own peril! You are representing yourself on these instructional forms, but they are meant to assist you.

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To assist you in presenting your case, please read over and adhere to the instructions. If you don’t read and adhere to the guidelines, it could harm your case.

Things The Divorce Packets Can Not Help You With

This packet is unable to assist you with:

1. custody of children

2. Visiting

3. Separation by law

4. Alimony for child support

5. Retirement plans, joint savings accounts, and pension division

6. Equitable distribution of marital property refers to the division of joint assets between you and your spouse, including cars, homes, bank accounts, insurance policies, equity in your home, and other personal property, as well as the division of debts.

Speak with an attorney if you wish to exercise these rights. This is not the bundle for you! Should you separate before resolving these issues, you can forfeit your legal rights!

Your legal rights may only be advised by an attorney. Nobody may provide you with legal advice or instructions on how to complete these forms at the Judicial Center, Clerk of Court’s office, or Judge’s office.

How to File for an Absolute Divorce

1. Complete the Court Forms

2. File Court Papers in the Clerk of Court’s Office

3. Serve the Papers on the Defendant (your Spouse)

4. Wait 30 days, then set date for Hearing

5. Go to Court with prepared Judgment for Judge’s review

Forms You Might Need

Remember to always keep a copy in your record.

Forms included in this section:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Packets

1. What is a divorce packet?

A divorce packet typically includes essential documents and forms needed to initiate and complete the divorce process.

2. What documents are commonly found in a divorce packet?

Common documents include the petition for divorce, financial disclosure forms, child custody agreements, and any other relevant paperwork depending on jurisdiction.

3. Where can I get a divorce packet?

You can often obtain divorce packets from your local court, legal aid services, or online legal document services.

4. Do I need a lawyer to use a divorce packet?

While legal advice is recommended, some people successfully navigate the divorce process using prepared packets without a lawyer. It depends on the complexity of your situation.

5. How much does a divorce packet cost?

Costs vary. Some court-provided packets are free, while online services may charge fees. Legal representation costs are separate.

6. Can I customize a divorce packet to fit my specific situation?

Yes, some packets allow customization, but it’s crucial to ensure all necessary legal aspects are covered to avoid complications.

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