Child Support in Texas


Texas Child Support

Texas Child Support

This page addresses Texas child support laws, including how to get or amend an order for child support. Knowing everything there is to know about child support in Texas is also beneficial. This includes how to obtain an order for child support, who is responsible for paying it, and how long it lasts.

Child support: what is it?

A parent who pays child support contributes financially to the expense of raising a child. This covers expenses for things like clothing, food, housing, activities, school supplies, and childcare.

One parent may be required by a court to give the other parent child maintenance. The moment a judge makes an order, the parent is legally required to pay child support.

A parent may occasionally be required by a court to make retroactive or “back” child support payments. In Texas, even in the absence of a court ruling, both parents are required to support their child financially. A parent may be required by a court to repay child support if:

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1. They do not share a home with the child.

2. They haven’t contributed to the child’s financial support.

Child support is paid by whom? To whom does it go?

A child often resides with one parent the majority of the time under custody agreements. The “custodial” parent is this one. The parent who is “non-custodial” is entitled to regular visitation rights.

Child support payments are the responsibility of the non-custodial parent, sometimes known as the “obligor.” These funds are entitled to the custodial parent (the “obligee”).

How may child support be obtained?

Child support orders can be issued by a judge in the following cases:

1. Separation

2. Referred to as a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) in cases involving child custody

3. Case involving paternity

4. Case of a protective order for family violence; or

5. Modification case, in the event that the child is already subject to a court order.

What is the duration of child support?

Child support is payable until the later of the following:

1. The child becomes eighteen

2. The young person completes high school.

However, child support may continue for as long as the child requires it if they have a condition.

You must keep making payments if you owe back child support until the entire amount is paid. Removing parental rights won’t make child support disappear.

The court may require one or both parents to pay child support if the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS/CPS) has temporary or permanent custody over a child and parental rights have not been revoked.

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What are the guidelines for child support?

Child support can be computed once you have ascertained the obligor’s net monthly resources. The following percentages of net resources are used by the guidelines to determine child support:

One child (20%)

Two children: 25%

Three children: 30%

Four children: 35%

Five children: 40 percent

Six or more children: minimum 40%

The standards cover all net resources of an obligor up to a monthly maximum of $9,200. Depending on the needs of the kid and the parent’s income, a judge may decide to impose additional child support.

For obligors with monthly net resources of less than $1,000, certain rules apply.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Child Support

1. How is child support calculated in Texas?

Child support in Texas is calculated based on a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s income, varying with the number of children.

2. What factors influence child support amounts?

Income of both parents, number of children, health insurance costs, and other child-related expenses are considered.

3. Can child support orders be modified?

Yes, child support orders can be if there’s a substantial change in circumstances, such as income or expenses.

4. How long does child support last in Texas?

Generally, child support continues until the child turns 18 or graduates high school, whichever occurs later.

5. What if the noncustodial parent doesn’t pay child support?

Enforcement measures may be taken, such as wage garnishment, property liens, or legal action.

6. Is it possible to get child support if parents were never married?

Yes, child support is available regardless of marital status, as long as paternity is established.

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7. How to establish paternity in Texas?

Paternity can be established voluntarily through an Acknowledgment of Paternity form or by court order.

8. Can child support orders be enforced across state lines?

Yes, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) helps enforce child support across state borders.

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