Insights From The OutDaughtered Divorce


OutDaughtered Divorce

OutDaughtered Divorce

OutDaughtered divorce sparked discussions about the complexities of marriage and parenthood, highlighting the challenges faced by families, even those in the public eye.


The reality TV show “OutDaughtered” captured the hearts of viewers with its heartwarming portrayal of the Busby family’s journey through parenthood, particularly as they navigate the unique challenges of raising quintuplets. However, amidst the joyous moments and family milestones, the show also shed light on the harsh reality of marital struggles, culminating in the announcement of Danielle and Adam Busby’s separation.

The news of the OutDaughtered divorce sent shockwaves through the show’s fanbase, sparking conversations about the complexities of marriage, parenthood, and fame. While the Busbys had openly shared their highs and lows on camera, the decision to go public with their marital issues undoubtedly took courage, especially considering their status as public figures.

For fans who had grown attached to the Busby family, the announcement was met with a mix of sadness, empathy, and curiosity. Many wondered about the factors that led to the couple’s decision to part ways and how they would navigate co-parenting their six daughters. Others expressed concern for the well-being of the children and hoped for an amicable resolution.

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One of the most significant lessons to emerge from the OutDaughtered divorce is the reminder that marriage is a complex and deeply personal journey. Despite the image of perfection often portrayed on social media and reality TV, every relationship faces its own set of challenges. Whether it’s the pressures of parenting multiples, financial stress, or simply growing apart over time, the Busbys’ experience serves as a poignant reminder that no marriage is immune to difficulties.

Moreover, the OutDaughtered divorce underscores the importance of prioritizing mental health and self-care, both as individuals and as partners. Parenting can be overwhelming, particularly when raising multiple children, and it’s essential for couples to communicate openly about their needs and seek support when necessary. In the case of the Busbys, the decision to prioritize their own well-being and happiness, even if it meant parting ways, ultimately serves as a powerful example of self-respect and resilience.

As the Busbys navigate the complexities of co-parenting, their journey will undoubtedly continue to resonate with viewers around the world. While the end of their marriage marks the closing of one chapter, it also signals the beginning of a new era characterized by growth, healing, and the unwavering love they share for their daughters.

The OutDaughtered divorce serves as a poignant reminder that no relationship is immune to challenges, and the journey of parenthood is often fraught with both joy and heartache. By sharing their story with honesty and vulnerability, the Busbys have sparked important conversations about love, resilience, and the importance of prioritizing self-care. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, one thing remains clear: the bonds of family endure, even in the face of adversity.

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Frequently Asked Questions About OutDaughtered Divorce

1. What led to the OutDaughtered divorce?

The specifics of Danielle and Adam Busby’s decision to divorce have not been fully disclosed. However, like many marriages, it likely involved a combination of personal, relational, and possibly external factors. The pressures of raising quintuplets, managing a busy family life, and being in the public eye may have contributed to the challenges they faced.

2. How will the divorce affect the children?

The Busby quintuplets are still young, and the divorce will undoubtedly have an impact on them. However, Danielle and Adam have stated their commitment to co-parenting and ensuring the well-being of their daughters remains a top priority. They have likely taken steps to provide stability, support, and love to help their children navigate this transition.

3. Will the OutDaughtered show continue after the divorce?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the future of the OutDaughtered show. Whether the show continues or not may depend on various factors, including the Busbys’ personal decisions, contractual agreements, and viewer interest.

4. How can fans support Danielle and Adam during this time?

Fans can show their support for Danielle and Adam Busby by respecting their privacy, refraining from spreading rumors or speculation, and offering words of encouragement and empathy. It’s important to remember that they are real people facing real challenges, and kindness and compassion can go a long way during difficult times.

5. What lessons can we learn from the OutDaughtered divorce?

The OutDaughtered divorce serves as a reminder of the complexities of marriage, parenthood, and fame. It underscores the importance of communication, self-care, and prioritizing mental health in relationships. Additionally, it highlights the resilience of families in the face of adversity and the enduring bonds of love that transcend even the toughest of times.



    • It’s very sad to hear that the Busbyy’s are divorcing.I love their show and watched those beautiful girls grow up. I am sure Danielle and Adam will continue being great parents to those beautiful girls. I will keep all of you in my prayers!

    • I’m sorry but I figured this was going to happen. Danielle is so rotten to Adam. He tries so hard but she is never satisfied. It’s a sad situation. He went one day all alone to buy school supplies
      And he was so happy.But according to her every thing he got wasn’t right. She’s always finding fault with him. God love
      Him . She is not nice at all. According to her she does everything. Shame on her..I would love the show to go on but
      Not if they are splitting. I will miss the girls. Maybe they will quit Their baby talk.She
      Won’t miss him till he’s gone.She thinks she does everything now…awh

      • Danielle is too controlling and thinks she is the one who does everything. She needs to recognize what Adam does. I hope she will change for the sake of those girls. Yes, encourage the little girls to talk like 8 year olds or third graders.

        • These children are old enough to understand and it will be devastating for them.i hope things can re is a challenge work it out.

        • In addition to the baby talk, the sweet girls should have been given more guidance in developing responsibility for tending to their own organizational skills starting around 4 or 5 years old…they are allowed to be babies in so many ways….
          Kate plus 8 was too ridged but those kids were contributing at a very young age….Danielle will soon realize that all her daughters need to grow up a bit. Adam was a wonderful Dad and completely involved in all his daughters lives. Just never appreciated.

          • Totally agree! I will miss the show but I am not surprised at this outcome. Every family show like this one has ended up with the family torn apart. It is sad. Maybe sharing their lives on tv wasn’t such a good idea. I was really hoping they wouldn’t end up in divorce. Teach those girls how to take care of their own things. At this age they should know what to pack for a trip, how to take care of their clothes and especially pick up after themselves! You don’t need help from an outsider. You need those girls to help out. Give up some control and teach those girls. They will appreciate it later. Give them ownership!

        • Danielle tries to control Adam. She is never hardly with those kids I knew this was gonna happen. She wants to be single. If the show continues I hope she stays away.

        • Danielle gets what she deserved.She was horrible Adam and he didn’t need to be treated like that.He did so much for her and she never appreciated anything at all. You will learn to regret this Danielle Cause you won’t find another man. Willing to put up with you and your whining I hurt. Guess what a lot of us deal with the same thing. God’s speed to you Adam you can do much better.

          • I agree with You !! When my kids were little, I had 3 and I’m a Paraplegic but I did it all by myself. My husband worked and at a low paying job too so I had to go to the Dentist and the Dr.s and School functions abd School Sports and activities !! And my 2 oldest were ALWAYS , ALWAYS In Trouble !!!! I had to go to the school just about every day to pick 1 of them up or talk to them. Had to talk to the teacher, or counselor, or Principal and sometimes the Cops. ⁶

        • Is it??? It wasn’t on the reality show “Kate & 8”!! Her man walked off! I watched those kids grow up just like I did on the Busby’s!!
          I really hate this about the Busby’s. It just breaks my heart about those girls! They will probably have to spend all important holidays away from being around both of their parent’s together! They will probably be with Mom for one thing and with Dad for another!! Divorce can really mess kiddos up, but sometimes divorce is the only way to fix things!! I’ve been married for almost 46 years. Life hasn’t always been wonderful, but we worked things out together!

      • I agree with your post. Nothing that Adam could do was ever good enough for Danielle. And with that being said I wish you all the best of luck with your family.

      • Watched the school supply episode and all I could think about was John & Kate plus 8 show.
        Sooooo much likeness to that show. I said ,yep divorce is near unless Daniel changes her communication habits.

          • It seems that bringing these extreme reality shows into these amazing large families have been too full of pressure into their personal daily lives. It is obviously a great way to finance their rather large families, but it seems to come at a cost. I wish them well and hope maybe they can work things out in the future.

      • She had issues with the fact that he NEVER took the list the girls ACTUALLY NEEDED with him. Choosing instead to just try to remember what was needed, and coupled that with the memories of when he went to school himself. So OF COURSE what he actually purchased was not even half of what was needed by either sets of the girls.

        Neither parent is perfect, but to blame the divorce on Danielle is, in my opinion, stupid. She is under a lot of pressure and Adam, has not always been helpful. He’s been fighting the idea of hiring help even though that family desperately needs it. That alone is enough to stress out the adults. Danielle recognized that the two of them needed help, and she got them into a couples retreat to try and help their marriage.

        What, exactly has Adam done to help with his marriage or family?

        Want to blame someone, how about blaming TLC because look at all the families that have appeared on that network and then gotten a divorce. 1. Little People, Big World. 2. Jon & Kate 3. Outdaughtered 4. Doubling Down with the Derricos and don’t forget 5. Sister Wives. I am sure there have been so many more if you count all the couples from 90 Days.

        Marriage is difficult enough without adding reality TV to the mix. But to put all the blame on one parent over the other, I think is wrong, especially because their family is on Reality TV and TLC is going to edit the footage however they see fit. So unless you know the Busby’s in REAL LIFE, I don’t think you have the right to judge.

        • GOD BLESS YOU! You are absolutely correct. Obviously Most of these people have no idea what it’s like to live with an autoimmune disease…for EITHER of them. I can say from experience, it takes a LOT of adapting then adapting again. I really wish they would address her fibromyalgia more in depth. Autoimmune diseases are epidemic these days yet barely anyone understands their nature. I can’t think of any other illness that the victims have to not only battle a physi ally and emotionally devastating illness AND their image to others like people with invisible, unpredictable Autoimmune diseases do. With empathy, support, encouragement and maybe some actual physical outreach gi en the exceptionally large family they have they would have a fighting chance.

          • Wow! What fabulous support for aoto immune! Have fibromyalgia myself. Her exposure of it is so paramount for a cause NO ONE seems to understand it unless you have it. Look what it does to a marriage. Thank you Lor!

          • You are 100% right! I have been a victim (that’s exactly what it is) of fibromyalgia for nearly 20 years and complicated migraine disease for 45 years and it is no joke. I “diagnosed ” Danielle when she first started showing symptoms. No one who knows nothing about these 2 conditions should think they have the right to comment on them should speak out. Danielle is suffering every single day- some much worse than others- and will inevitably have many days when she literally can’t get out of bed. I pray she had been prescribed meds that might help her- there are NONE that will keep symptoms at bay- but hopefully ease the pain some. At least Adam was sympathetic to her illness. But communication skills? Adam is pathetic. He doesn’t listen to his wife and gets defensive when she tries to make him understand that. I think Adam is a big whiny baby. And why does he choose their big family vacations to bring up a new job for him that will inevitably disrupt their homelike? And getting advice from Uncle Dale? Seriously. Dale is a buffoon. I pray that there isn’t another woman (or man-really?)involved in their separation. My heart went to my throat when the Busby’s decided to hire those 2 young women to take care of their children and home- remember that Adam works from home. Just don’t think it’s a wise decision. I truly hope I’m wrong. I pray for those children during this time. Maybe this will be the trigger for them to grow out of their baby talk (Dada still at almost 9 years old?). Mom n dad need to realize they need to say no their kids once in a while. Talk about spoiled. Maybe the nannies will teach them responsibility and discipline because goodness knows the parents haven’t.

        • I agree and Adam sometimes goes behind her back with stuff like the dog. Putting added work and responsibility when Daniele had ask him not to get a dog.

          • Danielle is the one who insisted on her own business of the clothing store which requires out of town purchasing trips. I have fibromyalgia myself. You don’t voluntarily add stress to your life. Don’t forget the bike business. She kept stressing to him the need for money and him a good job. Sorry you can’t work a regular job and stay home
            . Danielle wants what she wants and when she wants it. He’s afraid to speak up cause his opinion is almost always wrong or stupid. She likes being in charge.

        • You are absolutely right. There’s a reality show curse with divorce. I could tell this was going to happen. Adam seemed really checked out. I have 2 kids and it’s A LOT I couldn’t imagine having 6. Danielle tried to communicate what she needed and it was like he just ignored her and fought her about it the whole time. I love them though and hate to hear this. I wish them nothing but the best.

          • Well in that case if there is a curse they should know that. Why blame TLC? When they are the ones that should say no to TLC. But instead they do the show so it’s all there fault. And Danielle is trying to control Adam to much she is either gone or in bed she is hardly ever with the kids.

        • Maggie M. Well said! He got the dog! He always does the fun irresponsible stuff. No one person is to blame. Not even Adam. They are who they are. Marriage is HARD, Kids are hard, jobs are hard, life is so hard. My heart goes out to both of them and the family. TLC needs to provide serious family counseling to their reality shows. It’s only fair, they bring in so much money to the channel it’s the least they could do.

          • My problem is that the man was trying to work a job and she basically told him he wasn’t allowed to go on a business trip, what wife does that?? They both should have right the girls to clean up after themselves when they are finished playing. It is absurd that at 8 years old they make the mess they do and it’s left for mom (and dad)to clean up.
            Danielle has health concerns, they should have gotten some kind of help, whether it be a nanny or a housekeeper YEARS ago!

        • I totally agree you. I feel that Danielle and Adam have needed help for some time and Adam hasn’t wanted it so he’s stalled on it and it’s caused many problems in their marriage. I’m so very sorry to hear that they’re getting a divorce and I pray for the best for the whole family.

        • But…Adam was a great Dad and husband. When did Danielle ever give him credit for anything…in 8 years I’ve seen nothing from her….he on the other hand constantly sympathizes with her, says all he wants is to make her happy, recognize her on every special day, in a grand way, and has always practically begged for affection from her…come on!

          • I so agree with you. Danielle needs to relax, get therapy and give Adam some credit. She is very unhappy and demanding.

        • He’s not even able to get a job outside the house. She so controlling and she does nothing!
          When any demands are put in her she has to go to bet with an autoimmune flare.
          She’s so selfish and self centered.
          Good luck Adam. I hope on her visitation day she has a lot of help because she’s in for a big surprise as to what she’s gotten away with.
          The kids will do great with their dad who definitely has their best interest at heart.

        • I was so happy to read your reply and shocked that all the other comments were anti-Danielle. She is by no means perfect but Adam constantly lets her down. Keeping 6 girls organized and ready to go is a huge endeavor. Daniele has figured out the details. She just needs ADHD Adam to do what she asks to make it work. Her communication skills could use some work but he doesn’t really seem to try to me. He just says “Aw Shucks, it will work out.” Danielle is the reason it works out. Just watching him gives me stress. At some point the girls’ teachers will insist that they use big girl voices. What it all comes down to is that Adam and Danielle need our support, no matter how imperfect they are. I wouldn’t want all of my parenting decisions out there for judgment. The girls need love, support, and prayers. Not us arguing about which parent’s side to take. Hopefully everyone is on the side of the children. Love and prayers to the girls and the family.

        • I totally agree with one exception. It’s not TLC’S fault. It’s the parents fault. Normal every day people ( not actors) find it difficult to do reality shows and usually end badly. It may seem like a great idea in the beginning but life I’d hard. Your not playing a character it’s real life.

          • Do not blame Danielle. It takes two to fail. I watched a few episodes a few years ago. During those episodes Adam was controlling and not motivated in his own life. Maybe it is different now. But she was doing all the work then. Exhausting.

        • I have to respond to your comment. The 90 Day whatever shows are ridiculous; Sister Wives was nothing but a cult; Little People, Big World, well…there are just no words.
          Yes, TLC has alot of blame however, Danielle needs to carry 90% of the blame here. Her attitude towards Adam was awful. Adam always gave her the “Mother of the Year” praise and said what a great job and how proud he was of her in everything she did. He never put her down or squashed her ideas when she wanted to do something…open her exercise shop, her fashion shop, get her multiple family group together, or her many other ideas. Adam spent so much quality time with the girls, more than Danielle. She did nothing but complain. I have seen her act like Kate Gosslin for 2 years, so this divorce doesn’t surprise me. It’s just sad. I feel bad for Adam and the girls.

        • You are absolutely right. There’s a reality show curse with divorce. I could tell this was going to happen. Adam seemed really checked out. I have 2 kids and it’s A LOT I couldn’t imagine having 6. Danielle tried to communicate what she needed and it was like he just ignored her and fought her about it the whole time. I love them though and hate to hear this. I wish them nothing but the best.

      • Don’t put all the blame on her. It takes two to make a marriage work. I love them both and am so disappointed that their marriage has ended. I love all the girls but my favorite is Riley.

      • I saw this all happening as well. Danielle was demanding of Adam and unappreciated of him. He had a job outside of the home life and
        she was so demanding of him. Very condescending and bossy. She expected him to work and then she goes and takes on multiple
        “jobs” outside the home as well. As my mom would say “ Wants her cake and eat it too.”

      • Yes she treats him like a piece if you know what. She complains all the time he can never do enough for her. She should have stayed home and raised her children not open a clothing business, so she can take trips and get away.

        • AMEN! You had the babies…raise them! Give your husband a break Danielle. What a Dad! I’ll let him move in. When is everyone going to realize reality t.v. is hard. They’re in your life…every conversation, argument, decision making, etc. As they say, “up your butt”. All that would break any good relationship. It’s not TLC’s fault. It’s the risk the participants take. I agree with the commentary saying they should work it out…marriage is hard, life IS hard. For the sake of the kids and their marriage they need to revamp their priorities.

      • Agree 💯
        She’s so mean and cold to him He deserves better she’s a mess she needs lots of therapy it’ll take years to figure out what the hell is wrong with her and I doubt she’ll find another man that would put up with her bull

      • She reminds me of Kate plus 8 she treated jon like donkey 🫏 rearend like he was stupid and. Dumb like Adam was treated like he was under thumb

      • This maybe true now, but if you go back and watch the beginning of the show, Adam was mean and unsupportive to Danielle also. It must be difficult for both of them raising 6 kids including quits. I wish the entire family love and happiness as they embark on this next journey in their lives.

      • I agree, I been watching this last season lately and I’m like, geesh she’s even worse now. I mean I get that she’s stressed and feels like she’s does everything alone, I’ve been through it, but it just seems like she is always putting him down, always calling him out on something, always making him look like a bad parent or bad husband when she is far from perfect too. Gets mad when he has to work but yet I don’t see her getting mad when she has to work. Why is her work so much more important than his? And the last episode I watched so far was her saying well if we don’t get help then one of us had to stop working and you know she was meaning it toward him to stop working. If he’s so bad and such a bad dad and don’t do anything right then why would you want him to stop working to take care f the kids? If she does it so perfect then maybe she should stop. She’s the one that wanted to open a store knowing how stressed she already was trying to take care of kids. That should have waited then. Her priorities are off just as much as his are. I had a feeling this would happen. They just seem like 2 different people from day one. And hiring help is crazy what they want from the hired help, you’re pretty much hiring someone to do everything you do daily except your work job. That’s not fair. With that many kids you need at least one person for the kids and one person for household chores and stuff. But you’re trying to put everything on one person of hired help when two of you can’t even do it all. Then she’s so picky about how it’s being done. That’s not going to work either. And how much you plan on paying someone? I would want big big bux having to do all that. I love the show but I dunno. The kids seem very spoiled and very entitled and bad behavior because of the parents . The really really pretty one is so mean to the rest the f the sisters and never stops talking but yells at them when they try to talk. They lack discipline. But then again. The mom is kinda mean too. Very condescending.

      • I agree with you. Danielle has been treating Adam with hostility, disrespect and nitpicking for a long time. I have wondered for a while if she is mentally fit to be a good Mother. Listening to her complain about Adam in her children’s presence has been difficult to watch. Since Danielle is more interested in herself and her businesses, maybe Adam needs to be granted custody of the girls and she can pay alimony. Divorce is such an ugly path. It destroys so much, especially when Child Services is called in to evaluate the stability and capabilities of each parent. I pray Adam seeks guidance from his church and God and also immediately seeks help from a licensed Psychiatrist. May we all pray for this family.

      • I feel this last season Danielle sounded like she was becoming a KATE GOSLIN.And u could see the look in Adam’s face that he was dejected.

      • If I had 6 children I don’t think I would be looking for “Personal” fullfillment! But I have to say, both sure liked the camera and obviously the money. I know of 2 families from my community that had quints and they are very humble people. That’s the difference!

      • That is so true she will definately miss him because he did try his best!!! I give him that!! She jus wasn’t happy wit herself apparently so she took it out on him!! But oh well I wish him the best an her!! Take care gurls be good to ur mommy an daddy

      • I 100% agree with you. She tears this young man down constantly and when she started the store we knew she wanted independence. She cannot be happy with him as long as she is a miserable person. I’m so sorry but she is so hateful to him.

      • YES SHE IS!! Him and the kids I love! But her NO! It’s her way or the highway she’s so rude to him she wants what’s best for her not Adam! She’s been that way since Day 1 I thought well she just had the girls so I gave it another shot but No she’s that way all the time. He needs to find someone worthy of him his love because she don’t deserve him!

      • Miss Sharon I agree with you I enjoy watching the girls grow up but the one that concerns me more is Hazel Hazel is definitely a daddy’s girl

      • I 💯 agree with everything you said,I was surprised by the news of a divorce.Adam was treated like trash by Danielle and also treated him like a child. Like he need permission to do anything.

    • They aren’t getting divorced they love each other they have ups and down like anyone else
      They will get thru this
      Thru the grace of God 🙏

    • I THINK Danielle is a lot like that wife from Jon and Kate plus 8. She only sees her point of view, my way irvthe highway. It seems like she us unwill8ng to compromise or talk to her husband.

    • Unfortunately, reality TV causes more divorces. I’m sure it’s difficult with all the children. My parents had seven of us and they were together until they passed. People just can’t stick it out.


    • I saw that coming. Danielle has been whining for a very long time. Ada. Seems to have done his best as a multiple it’s rough to see your mom compaining all the time. Been there

    • I was shocked. Just read about the Dericcos, and now the Busbys. I cried and couldn’t stop. What is the problem with these people… Marriage is work. I can see Adam trying hard to support the family. Danielle is supporting herself instead of being a good wife and mother. Sorry, this is just my opinion. Wish this wasn’t happening with these couples. Two of my favorite shows are probably no more.

    • They are not divorcing. This is clickbait. Adam just posted yesterday that they were all at home riding out the storm. He and Danielle are fine. So sick of seeing this trash. Stop with the false information!

  1. Oh no this saddens me to hear this. Danielle and Adam are equally great people and parents. No doubt in my mind they will both handle this for their children in a respectful and loving way best as they possibly can. I’m sure they also love each other and have the upmost respect for each other and most of all for their girls. Sometimes life just gets so hard and things happen. Really Noone at fault, life just happens. Yall owe Noone explanations but each other and yalls babies. To me just because your in the public eye don’t mean we should know about your individual personal lives. I know it’s none of my business. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I just love yall!!!

    • They think they have time problems minus the other parent and are extremely tired and stressed out now. Just wait til they have to do it alone. Plus, the kids’ mental strain they’ll be dealing with. My advice: Read the book Second Chances and see the truth of divorce from the inside and, Danielle, step back and see just how much your husband really does for you. You are not fun. All you do is criticize him. He quit his job for all of you. He did step up. You both will have a tough time finding new spouses bc you have so many kids that need good loving care. VERY lonely. Money wb strained and there wb a lot less of it. Think a million times before you do this very foolish thing.

      • I agree with L. Daniels. They don’t make men like Mr. Busby any more. I love both Mr. and Mrs. Busby. You guys have grown immensely since the birth of your quintuplets. The lord knew he had the right couple when he chose to bless Danielle and Adam with the 6 daughters that completed the Busbys. I think you guys are just giving up without really thinking about all the love you have for each other and your daughters as a unit. If anything do whatever it takes to continue as a family, as a whole. It takes two outstanding, miraculously great, shinning individuals with an equally great village to help to accomplish what you both did to raise the beautiful family you have. God bless The Busbys and your perfect village. I would like to add that Danielle and Adam try to delegate chores to the girls like folding, sorting out, and picking up after themselves. The girls are an age now where they can help alot more and relieving Danielle. I think Danielle tries to do everything herself. And when she is at a point where she is ready to pull her hair out and scream, that’s when she thinks of Adam and how little he is doing to help. When in reality he does more than she is willing to acknowledge. Or maybe she just can’t see out much Adam does when he takes care of the girls while she isn’t there because of the business. Everyone can see the love is still there. It would be a mistake to break up the family. And the girls would be devastated, especially Blake. No matter how difficult your worse day is now, it is going to be even harder. I am shock to learn of this devastating news. You guys have become our family and we love you. I am definitely going to keep you in my prayers.

        • I saw this divorce coming a long time ago. Danielle is very controlling. It seems to always be her way or no way. Adam has endured alot through this relationship

          • I totally agree,!! She was never satisfied and nagged extremely too much. Adam tried making her happy, she just seemed always negative to me…🤷🏽‍♀️

          • Not Surprised at all .All these reality TV people were horrible and selfish during Covid…They all poor me poor us and still traveled around when others couldn’t and had a huge backyard to play in when others had apartments..These people are horribly selfish both of them

      • @LisaDaniels, maybe you need to rewatch the earlier seasons, he would criticize her, control her, and was unsupportive like when he did not like when she ran her own company, because that meant he had to care for the girls. They are both critical of each other. It must be nerve-wracking to raise quints.

      • I’m so sorry to hear this I hope the girls are being handled in a way that mentally will help him through this because it affects the children really bad especially at the young age that they’re at plus being in the public eye doesn’t help so pray for all of them maybe God will help create a situation in their lives to where it’ll all come together I assume it is a personal choice on their part and that needs to stay personal for the children’s sake that doesn’t need to be broadcasted all over TV may God bless and heal you all and my prayers are with you

      • 90day fiance loren also wants to start career to”find herself”&has3preschool age.when having lots of kids they come1st them1st!money’s tight but those couples could do fine with mom waiting to kids suffer with divorce cause the moms need to find themselves with a career!I’m sorry but it’s selfish when yr family needs u&u choose career over kids…

      • You are a fool for believing this story. They are fine, and by the way, Danielle It’s is a great wife and mother. Everybody who believes this false information and talks ill of Danielle is going to have to answer to God one day. It’s those Derrico parents who are divorcing. The family with the 14 kids who are mostly multiples.

    • I am so sorry to hear about this iam fan of your show.. I am also divorced of 2 children when my children were really young… I had it really hard but it was worth it … do what is best for you and and your children and they will appreciate you …know children are older and I have better relationships with them know than when they were young.

      • The Busby’s are fine. They are not divorcing. This is false information. Please do not be foolish enough to believe it. The only reality family who has recently gotten a divorce is the Derrico parents. I will say it again. Adam just posted a video on the family website yesterday where they were all riding out the storm. Danielle was home as well. Seriously? Some of your sheep will believe anything, as long as it spreads hate.

      • I dont think he’s lazy.shes the one who wanted a career&now it’s like they argue over who has to take care of the kids.not that he does anything good enough to be the one taking care of stuff.she does nothing but gripe when he trys to help.why have that many kids if you want a career?if u didn’t want to be a mom then dont…now the kids suffer..&she is the one who has no emotion..

    • I think she feels the need to control everything. Girls old enough to find their own clothes. If on the floor so be it. He cooks does stuff with the kids and tries to do as she wants. She wants a job, and an organized clean house. My son reminded me at a young age. If u work all week and clean all weekend we do nothing. My kids picked their own clothes got themselves up and my house was not organized. Adam just doesn’t want to miss stuff with the kids. 18 years go fast. Let the little stuff go. My husband loves the kids and didn’t do half the things he does

  2. I truly love watching this show and when it was off air I kept up to date with what was going on. It breaks my heart to see you two divorce but I know that you two are doing what is best for you and those beautiful girls. I wasn’t able to have children but growing up my dream since I was very young (around 7 Years old) was to have twins or triplets all girls. As I became a young teenager I always wanted to have at least twin girls wouldn’t mind triplets but would love 4 or 5 girls at once. My daddy always said if anybody could do it I could. Well the Lord didn’t bless in having children but one of my nephews has four beautiful girls a five year old a set of 7 year old doubles and a 12. I have been so blessed to be a huge part of their lives. Absolutely love taking care of them and being in their lives. Watching “Out Daughtered” was a true blessing. Wish you both a very happy life and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    I so love you all
    Jacquie from Florida

    • Don’t worry, they are fine. Adam and Danielle are not divorcing. They were just riding out the storms together yesterday. It’s on their channel it’s a buzzworld

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news! You are such an awesome family! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I wish you could work things out!!

  4. This really saddens me!! I loved the show and enjoyed watching the girls grow into individuals. I wish them the best and hold them in my thoughts and prayers!!

  5. Young couples have it all wrong. You are a team once you have children. Stop treating each other as one of the children. Adam is a wonderful person. Most men do not do all that he does. You order him around and any man would not like that. You also have to respect one another It’s not good to be at war with your partner. No one wins both parties are hurt and feel they can’t make the other happy.No mater how stressed you get at the end of the day, you should thank each other, forgive each other, cause tomorrow is another day and it starts all over again.Life is hard, marriage is hard. But your family is a gift from God. You should see how blessed you are. Your kids will be gone one day and then it’s your turn.

    • I’m very sorry to hear about the divorce. They Seemed to be doing well together, but you never know. Hopefully they will Friendly divorce so it’s easier for the Girls. I wish them the best of luck and I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers 🙏 ❤️ 💜 ♥️ 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  6. I hope and pray for Danielle and Adams strength during this time. The girls are strong and they have sweet loving parents I know that truly adore them!!

  7. I am not surprised. I saw this coming when Adam claimed he had post parum depression and it only got worse through the years. Such a selfish person.

  8. This is so sad to hear divorce has been announced for this family.
    Such amazing and beautiful girls.
    I hope we can all support them all with kindness and quiet…this brings me back to Jon and Kate’s divorce…I will probably continue to hope for mending fences and happiness for all..

  9. Is this just another scam report of Adam and Danielle Busby getting divorced? Leave them alone and stop the lies!!

  10. I am really sorry this is happening, I love the show. This is going to be a big mess and super expensive. Everyone involved will be hurt especially the kids. Relatives and friends also because they won’t know who to help second.(kids come first). Really Really Sad.

  11. I would like to pass on some advice I was given many years ago that might offer some insight. I was married for 42 1/2 years before becoming a widow. Please think carefully about what your life is like now and how you think it will be divorced. Consider that living costs will increase (2 households), only 1 parent with kids at a time vs 2, parents will be more stressed and kids will definitely have issues far into adulthood. You two went through the impossible to create and nurture your wonderful family, there is a visible light (kids going to colleges). Divorce does not wave a magic wand and make your life perfect. There is no other person out there that will ever love your kids like the 2 of you do or who would step into being a perfect future spouce to either of you. Would all of you be better now and in the future by keeping your family together and work through/together? It worked for us, please know my words come from my heartfelt wishes for you all.

  12. Bible principle’s are the only thing that can this family.Pleasr go to J.w.Org and type in our to have happy family life and try following the scriptural advice from the Bible and you can keep your family together and ride the storms of everyday life. There’s also practical information for the husband and wife. Try working on things together starting with the Bible. Jehovah has created every human,he knows what we all need. Try,you will not be disappointed. There is always hope!!!

  13. If there was one thing I could undo was divorcing my ex husband because one day you will realize how bad it does affect them, and one of you will pay the worst price ever and that maybe your relationship ship with them. If I had only loved myself sooner and not been so stubborn. I might be able to see my 2 grandsons grow! From a lonely grandma!

  14. Bad typing due to dum phone. But the article: How to have a happy family life is what I meant. JW.Org is the website that shares true Bible information. It’s free to access and no pop up ads!!

  15. Bible principle’s are the only thing that can save this family.Please go to J.w.Org and type in How to have happy family life and try following the scriptural advice from the Bible and you can keep your family together and ride the storms of everyday life. There’s also practical information for the husband and wife. Try working on things together starting with the Bible. Jehovah has created every human,he knows what we all need. Try,you will not be disappointed. There is always hope!!!

  16. My heart goes out to the daughters for having to go through there parents divorce.. I’m glad that Adam doesn’t have to b around her anymore cuz she was never nice to him an would always put him down when he would do something an he went out of his way to make her happy an it was never good enough!!!

  17. Sad they are only thinking of themselves As Dr Laura would say stay together for the kids till they are older then date and be selfish !!

  18. I’ve LOVED their show since the beginning. Having Quints was a huge physical feat for any woman. I especially feel concern for Danielle and her health change. I realize that change has to be problematic for the husband and he apparently felt the pressure of providing for the family and seeing his wife’s physical health get serious. Fibromyalgia is NO JOKE! It’s a debilitating illness.
    I pray they both find peace in their lives and prayers they come back together. I divorced when my daughter was 9 and my son 13. It was a huge job to keep my kids understand the change. First year was tough but they finally accepted it. I cannot imagine having 6 to go thru it. Prayers for the family and take things slow please…LOVE will build bridges♥️

  19. I think their problems started when Danielle started her own business sometimes when women work they think they don’t need the man or think they are in control cause they are money making work together support each other Adam I think is a good guy doesn’t not deserve to be treated like she treats him and the girls are big enough to do things around house either they help out or no outside activities no nothing make them earn what they want help out or nothing them girls are out of control to big to be talking babyish like they do and for making messes and not picking up after them self sorry but thats the way I feel about it

  20. This is crazy. They can’t do everything that needs doing TOGETHER, how on earth are they going to do it singly? They need to work it out after inging 6 kids into it! I wish then luck and prayers! 🙏

  21. Reality TV seems to breed this outcome for couples…Jon and Kate, Matt and Amy to name two. I’m glad The Little Couple and Matt and Amy’s kids got out of their respective shows intact as couples!

    • I agree! I’m so tired of watching these families grow up on TV over the years an then all the sudden we’re getting divorced!

  22. She is so controlling he look like he is so afraid of her, she made him give up his job to see about the children which was out of controlling and she criticize everything he did. And in her eyes he did not right, so he had to be the fun dad with NO control, she wore the pants and dress in that family

  23. Make your (Ex-) love you again after separation,. SɬꜼIn**life | ….Ƣↂ…………………….

  24. I did have a favorite parent, but I’m not going to blame one parent over the other. No one but Adam and Danielle know what went on when the film crews left. It’s their business alone. If we want to help I think we should pray that they turn to God for guidance and perhaps trained counselors, they have a long difficult road ahead.

  25. I bet he gets the kids and the show just for ratings I
    Always thought she was mean too and had too high of expectations of him.

  26. Adam tried to hug and kiss while on vacation and she literally was walking away from him. She shows him and girls no affection

  27. So so sad that they are parting ways . I loved watching them grow up. But I’m sure that Daniel and Adam will find a way to make co-parenting work. They are still awesome parents and love their girls very much

  28. Adam was not a disciplinarian at all. He wasn’t much help and Danielle would plead with him. I don’t think his brain was listening to Danielle when she see spoke to him. I had gut feeling their relationship wad falling apart. She is totally overwhelmed
    and he was brushing it off a bit.

  29. Wow! So many opinions are so one sided! Both Adam and Danielle have contributed both good and bad things in their marriage, just like all relationships. To say the fault lies with one or the other is completely wrong!! I pray they can forgive each other and find a way to keep their family together.

  30. What were they thinking having all those kids? That would make their life idealic? Have not an ounce of sympathy for them.

  31. Fame leads to divorce 99.9% of the time. We all saw it coming. Money & fame changes people. Its a given. Other factors:Danielle’s need to have her own business, first the bike exercise place, than the online store, then the clothing store. I thought I read they already had a nanny but replies here say she wanted one. They always had nannies which were friends, family especially with all the trips they took 3x a year or more paid for by TLC. So her thinking she needed one 24/7 because she’s gone a lot of the time and I’m sure they have a housekeeper. Seems like an escape issue for her. Her critical-ness of her husband. I could go on and on. I stopped watching many seasons ago. But I knew this was coming eventually. Fame & money does that.

  32. Sadly I saw this brewing in a few episodes from the last season & the first 2 episodes of the latest season.
    As a momma of 22 yr old quadruplets & a 30 yr old son it was a priority that we work just as hard at our marriage like we would raising our family. Communication is key. It was hard work at times. It’s so easy to take your frustrations out on your spouse, feeling overwhelmed & blaming each other. You have no one else but each other. Deciding to make our marriage a top priority to stay together worked. Nowadays it seems like divorce is too easy.

  33. I’m so sorry to hear about the divorce. I definitely love this family and all the children. Their families are so close and supportive. Maybe they need a separation period that I know works. Possibly after counseling and working on communication they may be able to get back together. Praying for them all.

  34. So much for being supportive and having kind words to say! I hope it’s not true but if so, it’s very sad to me! And as for blaming the TLC, everyone who agrees to be on it, knows what can happen, if it is real reality! They are getting paid and that’s why they do it! SMH

  35. Hey Adam this is chastity I love your show you with girls really cute when they were little. Very awesome amazing. You are great dad husband. Sorry hear about your divorce Danielle is too control over you. She only wants money from you that all she wants Danielle is very selfish person
    Try your best your can in your life. Maybe one day you and girls back show TLC. Who knows later on down roads. I knows your girls will miss you very much. Jesus amen in my prayers 🙏 for you snd girls best peace single dad again. 👍 💕 💞 ♥ God is blessings you 💕 💞 ♥ 🙏 and girls tooo.

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